A Week of Workouts - March 14, 2016

Hey everyone!

Monday - 5.5 @ 8:41, up to the Vulcan monument on top of Red Mountain, across Red Mountain on a trail, then back through the university neighborhood.  I wanted to run a big-ass hill, and I got my wish!

Tuesday - just weights and HIIT.  I did a bench press workout, then did a full body weights circuit with HIIT cardio between each exercise.

Wednesday - 2 @ 7:43 around a local park in the evening.  I hit a milestone, too, in that my body weight is now officially up 10 pounds since the beginning of the year.  I excited for all of the strength gains I am seeing, and I really hope I have built at least some muscle.  I couldn't have done it without reducing my running mileage, so I think my little injury was a blessing in disguise. 

Outside my building.  We are going to be moving in a few weeks, and I will really miss some things about living downtown.  It's a great place to run, that's for sure. 

Thursday - 6.1 @ 9:06 on trails south of town.  It was HOT HOT HOT and humid, too.  I wore some 1" shorts and a singlet and I was still miserable!  What happened to a gentle transition to spring weather???!  I had some extra time to kill after, so I did sets of push ups and pull ups on the playground until it was time to dress for work.

Everything was still muddy, too.  P.S. I used to avoid wearing garish color combos for running, but now I barely notice when I'm dressed like an Easter egg.

The weather was so bizarre...foggy, windy, hot, and humid all at the same time.  At least we haven't gotten any of the terrible flooding they are having south of here. 

Friday - 90 minute Ashtanga yoga class. 

4:00 am wakeup call on Saturday...something I haven't done since before Christmas!

Saturday - 12 @ 9:43 for a long run with the track club.  Again, the weather was miserable.  It was 78 degrees and 98% humidity, and I am not acclimated to that at all!  Just last week, it was barely above freezing and I took hand warmers with me!  I finished this run without any ankle or foot pain, which is so encouraging.  I was careful to fuel and hydrate properly, and keep an eye on my heart rate.  Humidity does some truly evil things to my heart rate, so I took portions of this run verrrrrrry slowly. 

Thanks, Strava, for reminding me exactly HOW hideous this run felt. 

Annnnnd after.  I texted this to my husband with a note to collect my shirt from the bushes outside his office.  I hate that time of year when running gets you soaking wet (seven months out of the year in Alabama, I guess). 

Sunday - 90 minute Ashtanga yoga class (again). 

Totals - About 26 miles of running, including hill climbing, speed work, a 10k on trails, and a slower long run.  A weights circuit.  Two (!) yoga classes.  I didn't swim this week, because allergies have wrecked my sinuses. 

Everyone have a great week!