Links for the Week

Here are the exercises I've been using to rehab my peroneal tendon, now that most of the pain and inflammation has calmed down.

Spring Racing, photo courtesy of Suman at

New favorite weight exercise:  the Turkish Get Up [video]

A coach's perspective on disordered eating in distance running

"Eat enough. Train. Get faster one step at a time. . . . The best thing I ever did for my running was to actively stop comparing myself to others. I compare me to me."  

Here is what fruits and vegetables used to look like before we domesticated them.  Ugly!

My good friend and track club buddy Tanya wrote this horrifying piece about a Diva cup malfunction midway through a 30-mile run, part of which included the local marathon.

I've written before about running in an unfamiliar place, since I travel so much.  But did I mention that we're moving??!  I've already been checking out the new neighborhood on the Strava Segment Explore function, and I think I have a LOT of hills in my future: