A Week of Workouts - March 28, 2016

Greetings and salutations!  (Who says that, really?  The drive through guy at Dunkin Donuts shouted that at me today and I jumped.)

The Track Club group ready for Saturday's long run.  We were all freezing in the wind, and shouting, "JUST TAKE THE PICTURE ALREADY!!!"  I'm front row/all black/long legs ;)

If I were honest/reductive about my week of workouts, it would look like this.

Monday - normal
Tuesday - pick up keys and start moving into our new place
Wednesday - oh hey, really a lot of moving including very heavy stuff and pain
Thursday - you guessed it, still moving
Friday - moving moving moving!
Saturday - hours and hours in isolation at the empty and abandoned old place, trying to clean
Sunday - Easter, a HUGE day for my husband's work, and more moving!

You get the idea.  We are completely done as of this morning.  Just a load of stuff (mainly kids' toys) to donate, and one road bike to pick up and ride across town.  MOVING SUCKS.  So, the workouts this past week were a little hit-and-miss.

Out with the old.

And in with the new.

I did run about 20 miles, did a few quality weights workouts, and accidentally (ha) took a Thai kickboxing class.  I had three rest days, which is huge.  I didn't make it to yoga, and I am really feeling its absence in my body.  Soon!  And I'm already planning a formal update to this post on my body composition and active metabolic testing from last year, but I did have some of this stuff updated.  Since the last test, I have gained five pounds and taken my body fat percentage from 18.4% down to 17.0%.  I am unbelievably pleased with this progress, because I know how tough it is for women to put on muscle weight.  Especially women of...a certain age *ahem*.

But my arms look SO weird to me!  I can't stop flexing, even if I'm in pajamas.  That's actually, like...an actual, solid bicep.

Okay, time for the workouts!

Monday - 3.6 @ 8:13 on the treadmill.  This was a half hour, all I had time for.  I also did 40 minutes of weight lifting.  I'm starting the Strong Lifts 5x5 program, and the day's workout included squats (65#), bench press (55#), and barbell rows (45#).

Tuesday - Rest (well, moving)

I did get this part taken care of, which was major.  I cook our dinner every night, and try to make something balanced, interesting, creative, and beautiful each time.  I'm particular about my fridge.

And check out this view from our new balcony!  The dog and I have been enjoying it during the wee morning hours while I drink my coffee. 

Wednesday - 2.3 @ 9:13 on the treadmill.  I was waiting for my lifting partner Katherine to get to the gym, and I was actually drinking a hot cup of coffee on the treadmill.  I like to live dangerously.  When she showed up, we did 90 minutes of upper body weight training that included these exercises:

Barbell Row
Unilateral Dumbbell Row
Cable Cross
Cable Crunches
Back Extensions
Assisted Pull Ups
Lat Pull Downs
Bench Press
Leg Ups
TRX Mountain Climbers
Abs circuit with a medicine ball

All this took place before sunrise, because I needed the day free for...you guessed it...MOVING.

I did take a picture of my gym in the early morning light, because it just looked so illuminated and inviting and, okay I'm a dork.

Thursday - 70 minutes of Thai kickboxing!  With the bulk of the hard work for our move done, my husband and I decided to go to the gym mainly to relax and get cleaned up.  He wanted to do a shakeout run on the treadmill, and I sort of aimlessly wandered around people watching.  I walked into a studio where a class was just starting, and decided to check it out.  I like to keep my body confused, haha.  The workout was intense...great cardio and some really precise resistance work.  I felt it the next day.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Track Club Long Run Social!  I signed up for the 14-mile route, but missed a turn and finished with 13 instead.  I ran a 9:46 pace, and the route was incredibly hilly, with great views and some really long, tough climbs.  I am continuing to do long runs based on heart rate, and it is working very well.  I don't feel exhausted or sore after and I can actually be a functioning adult.

See?  Average heart rate 140!  As the pros say, EZ-PZ.

Sunday - Rest

So, that's it!  Everyone have a great week, and I hope you are getting some of the same lovely spring weather we are having here.