A Week of Workouts - March 21, 2016

This will be a very perfunctory post.  We are in the process of moving, and I have been very busy. I do have a few pictures to share, but my file transfer software is being ridiculous...maybe I'll just dump them on you during the week.
Weekly running mileage since mid-January.

As you can see, I am gradually building my mileage back up since my injury in the first week of February.  This week was about 30 miles of running, and I never felt any pain or exhaustion.  I'm still hitting heavy weights, and I made a plan to start a structured lifting program on March 21.  My body weight is holding at this new, higher weight and I don't feel like it has slowed me down any.

Monday - 30 minutes on the gym treadmill, which translated to 3.6 @ 8:10.  After, I did this quick weights workout:

Leg Press 130# 3x8
Pull Ups 2 (yes, two total pull ups...that's all I can do now)
Pull Up Negatives 1x5
Hip Adductor 100# 3x8
Hib Abductor 100# 3x8
Hanging Ab Set - calisthenic leg-ups, pikes, and knee-ups

Tuesday - 4.2 @ 8:12 on the treadmill (one mile to warmup, then three miles @ an 8:00 pace, then a little cool down).  In retrospect I have no idea why, but I did more lower body weights.  These workouts only take between 20-30 minutes.  I generally don't take much rest between sets, and keep my heart rate up.

Incline Bench Press 50# 3x8
Pull Up Negatives 1x5
Deadlift 105# 3x8

The good news is, I am comfortably deadlifting 105# now and I think it's time for a formal lifting program.  The bad news is, I ripped my hand open on the barbell.

Wednesday - I did a very thorough upper body weights workout that took about 75 minutes.  My good friend Katherine has recently joined the same gym as me, and we are going to meet once a week for a weights workout or some swimming.  I told her I wanted to work mostly back and abs, and we ended up doing a lot more...she taught me new exercises and I did the same for her. 

Upright Row 50# 4x12
(super set with Barbell Row 40# 4x12)
Unilateral Dumbbell Row 17.5# 4x12 on each side
Hanging Leg-Ups 4x12 (HOLY CRAP THESE ARE HARD)
Assisted Pull Ups 70# 4x5
Lat Pull Downs 70# 4x5
Bench Press 55# 4x8
Kneeling Squat 65# 4x12

Then, I took advantage of having Katherine there as a spotter and did a few back squats with 65#.  I've been a little afraid to get in the rack by myself, since I haven't squatted heavy weights in several years.  There is always the danger of failing a set, dropping the weight (on the floor or on yourself), or just falling down and looking like an asshole.  At the end, we did a ridiculous ab set that Katherine concocted, and it made my abs sore for three days.  Yikes.

Thursday - 5.2 @ 8:39 around my favorite downtown running loop.  It's going to be sad to move away from this running route.

Friday - 4 @ 8:52 on trails at Spain Park.  I felt so heavy legged and slow.  I am sure the weights have something to do with it, and I looked at the calendar and saw that I haven't had a rest day since March 4.  I made a mental note to get through a long run, then take complete rest on Sunday.

Saturday - 12.6 @ 9:18 with the Birmingham Track Club Saturday Long Run crew.  I was watching my heart rate like a hawk!  Fully 85% of this run was in heart rate zones 1 and 2, which I am rather proud of.  Hills make this type of training difficult :)

Sunday - Complete rest.

Totals - About 30 miles of running, with a good mix of indoor/outdoor, various terrains, and different speeds.  Three solid weight training sessions.  I skipped out on yoga, and probably should have gone Sunday, but I needed a day of complete rest.

Everyone have a great week! 


Dolly said…
I saw your weekend long run on Strava. Holy Hills! I'm jealous that you live fairly close to your track club long runs.
My track club hosts most of their events on the other side of the valley. and I can't disappear for too long on the weekends.