A Week of Workouts: March 7, 2016

I think I am safely past my peroneus muscle injury now.  I ran about 25 miles, including a Saturday "long run" of 11 miles.  I still have some lingering tenderness on the outside of my foot, and I am seeing a physical therapist and myofascial therapist once a week, in addition to my weekly trips to the chiropractor.  The physical therapist treating me thinks the injury started in my foot, with a separation in the joint of my fifth metatarsal.  She thinks I fell or rolled my ankle without feeling any pain.  I tend to agree, especially since the pain is fading gradually and running seems to have no effect on the healing process. 

Saturday's run may have been the last run of the year in tights.

Monday - leg day, followed by 3.5 @ 8:33 on the treadmill.  The leg workout took about 45 minutes total, and I only trained two compound movements (squat press and deadlift):
Squat press 70# 1x12
Squat press 90# 1x12
Squat press 120# 3x12
Deadlift 65# 3x10
Deadlift 95# 3x10

I'm really excited to able to squat press my body weight, and then deadlift 100#.  I'm almost there!  As an aside, I do NOT recommend doing any sort of running workout after training legs with heavy weights.  This run SUUUUUUUCKED and I was counting down the minutes the entire time.  Running on heavy legs = hideous.

Tuesday - 4.7 @ 8:28 on the treadmill while I watched Super Tuesday returns.  I was on the treadmill so I could take advantage of the gym childcare, which is a continual lifesaver!

Wednesday - hour-long vinyasa yoga class, which was all I felt up to.  I've been eating a lot more calories, and different foods, and it's making me feel sluggish if I don't time meals properly.  Also, I tried a new type of meal replacement bar, and had an allergic reaction to an ingredient (first time ever!).  Overall, I just didn't feel great, but I made it through yoga.

Thursday - 5.3 @ 8:28 on the treadmill.  This was a ladder interval workout.  After a ten-minute warmup, I did intervals of 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minutes at a 7:30 pace.  I followed each interval with an equivalent interval of recovery (about a 9:00 pace for me).  The workout took about 40 minutes and it was tough, considering I haven't done any speed work since December. 

Friday - Rest.

I did make some olive pizza with my son, though, which was the day's major accomplishment.

Saturday - Long run!  With the Track Club!  I haven't been showing up for the early Saturday club runs for quite some time...I think the last one I went to was in late January?   This one ended up 11.2 @ 9:42.  That pace is far slower than my typical long run pace, but it was my intention to take this run as easily as possible.  The club is preparing for the extremely hilly Statue 2 Statue 15k, so the Saturday routes have a lot of elevation change.

Hills!  About three miles of this wan on trails, too, which I love.

I ran with great friends, and felt strong and happy the entire time.  The weather was perfect, we ran on some of the most scenic trails in the city limits, and the sunrise really made my day.  Maybe it was the giant cafe mocha I had afterwards, but I was so pumped after this run that I scrubbed all my floors and organized my wardrobe for spring.  Woot! 

Nice and relaxed.

Sunday - hour-long plyometrics training circuit.  That is just a fancy way of saying I jumped around and did hundreds of burpees.  Everyone always says that burpees will make you a much better runner.  I think that's true, but probably because the next time you go running your body is just like, "Oh thank God at least she isn't doing burpees again."  Perspective. 

The past four weeks on Strava.  I am pleased with my rehab, happy I took the break, and not really aware of any loss of fitness for running.

Totals - 24.7 miles of running, including a couple of quickies, speed work, and a long run; a heavy legs workout; a yoga class; and a plyometrics circuit.  I wish I'd gotten in a good upper body weights workout, so I will definitely make that happen in the next few days.  

Everyone have a great week!