Races, Races, Races and Looking Ahead to 2016

I have been racing SO MUCH this fall, or at least it feels that way.  Each race has felt pretty good, I'm racking up the PRs, and I'm absolutely thrilled I am still healthy and able to work hard.  I've been thinking ahead a little bit, and looking forward to a bit of rest later in the month.  

I have another half marathon this Saturday, November 21.  Then, I'm going to take two to three days of complete rest over the Thanksgiving holiday.  My husband and I signed up as part of a four-person relay team for a trail ultramarathon on December 12.  I'm not sure, but I think my leg of the race is about seven miles, so nothing major.

I'm still toying with the idea of training for my local marathon, which is on February 14 this year.  My track club's official training schedule started last week, and I've been sort of incidentally following it.  The temptation to attempt to qualify for Boston is very real.  At this point, a BQ time is probably within reach with a real and dedicated effort.  I'm thinking about it.  And of course, the idea of just running another marathon "for the hell of it" scares me a little, because doing that has injured me in the past. 

I'm sort of tempted to just start doing the long runs as scheduled and see where it leads. Stay tuned!