Workouts - November 16, 2015

This has been another tough week, workouts-wise.  I'm really looking forward to getting past my last major fall race and taking several real rest days in a row.

Relevant: I organized a Thanksgiving Shoe Drive and collected 53 pair of used running shoes at Track Club events this week, to donate to a local homeless shelter's Free Closet.  I'm doing a standalone post about it later this week, in case anyone else is interested in how to organize something similar. 

Anyway!  On to the workouts!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2 @ 9:57 with my dog, then 8.7 @ 8:45 in the afternoon.  I ran with my dog very early, then started my busy day.  I chaperoned my son's class trip to the science museum. then went to a lunch meeting.  I had a few hours between that and an afternoon conference call, so I changed clothes in a coffee shop bathroom and ran a big, scenic loop in a part of town I don't often get to run in.  It was a tough one...the catered lunch at the meeting was pretty insubstantial (spinach salad and some fancy grits), so I was underfueled.  Also, it was eighty degrees and very humid.  Gross.  The last two miles were pretty rough.

Wednesday: 2.5 @ 9:42 with my dog.

Thursday: 8 @ 8:38 on the treadmill.  I did this as a progression to a 7:19 pace at the end.  About halfway through, this woman I see all the time at the gym got on the treadmill right behind me (the gym has them set up in rows), even though there were 50+ other treadmills available.  She stared at me for her whole run, and matched my pace, and it was weird/crazy/distracting/motivating.  Maybe she's my gym nemesis.  Gymnesis?

Friday: 2 @ 9:55 with my dog, then 5 @ 9:15 with my husband.  He and I were both in the same part of town over lunch, so we met at the park for a few laps.  Of course, he led the first lap WAY TOO FAST and had me begging for mercy, so we slowed it down for the second half.

Saturday: 12 @ 8:21 with the Track Club.  I have no idea why this was so fast!  There was a huge crowd, which was very motivating.  Also, is was about 35 degrees and I couldn't warm up so I just kept running faster and faster.  My splits were 8:22, 8:28, 8:29, 8:16, 8:00, 8:09, 8:32, 8:05, 8:36, 8:28, 8:23, 8:22.  Pretty consistent, and the middle miles were the fastest, so I'm happy with it.

My son's birthday lunch coincided with my post-long run meal, so I got to have a massive veggie burrito, a/k/a the perfect meal. And yes, this was his birthday part and he loved it.  He also had a special snack at school, and all the kids sang Happy Birthday, which thrilled him.

Sunday: I realized I hadn't taken a yoga class in almost two weeks, so I scanned the schedule and took an evening class.  The format was traditional Ashtanga Primary Series in a heated room.  Back when I lived in Colorado, I did the Ashtanga Primary Series four times a week, and became very dedicated to it.  I was so nice to return to that practice and find comfort in the familiar asanas.  Very uplifting.

Totals: 40.5 miles of running, a yoga class, injury prevention stuff, and one true rest day.