Workouts - November 30, 2015

This was a pretty mellow week.  Half marathons HURT, and I've really got a lot of fatigue built up from fall races, so I took it pretty easy.  Plus, it was Thanksgiving.  Plus, my whole family came down with pretty epic upper respiratory infections, and mine has turned into some lovely bronchitis.  I'm getting better now, but each day has brought a new set of symptoms to keep me guessing.

Monday: 70-minute easy yoga class, still trying to stretch out my hips and hamstrings.  The race on Saturday was so hilly that I just felt like I had been beat with a chain.

Tuesday: 5 @ 10:42 on the treadmill, just trying to loosen everything up.  I walked the second mile, but felt comfortable at a 9:45 pace by the end.  My priority is staying injury free.

Wednesday: 2.5 @ 9:25 with my dog.  I wore my really cushioned new Sauconys and felt good.  Immediately after, I went to my chiropractor for myofascial release therapy and she put K-tape all over my lower body.  I felt immediately better, no lie.

Thursday: 4.1 @ 9:23 with my husband.  This was his first run since his marathon on Saturday the 21st.  I felt strong, but he was suffering.  This run was exciting because I found a really sweet 2.6-mile running loop near my parents' house, and it's closed to traffic and not totally boring!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 14 @ 8:53 with the Track Club. It hurt. The last three miles were slow. I survived.

That's 25.7 miles for the week, a yoga class, and two real rest days. 


chacha said…
I've found KT Tape to be pretty good but I can't determine if it's placebo effect or real.

And bronchitis sucks - seems like a lot of people got slammed hard this fall (I took my "sickness" licks in April of this year with a gnarly sinus infection requiring antibiotics).