Workouts - November 2, 2015

Another week is gone!  This was a tough one (workouts-wise), even though I started out thinking I would have trouble fitting them in.

Monday: 5.5 @ 9:00 on the treadmill.  This was probably a bit more mileage than I logged (like maybe 6.5 miles), but it was 50 minutes of running.

Extraneous farm photo. 

Story time!  We went to my parents' house on Sunday night, and it just poured rain all night and into the next day.  My parents live in an area that is very dangerous for outdoor running (I've definitely done it anyway, though, with mixed results and some scary experiences), so I hit the treadmill.  Their treadmill has been out of commission since a mechanical problem that my dad fixed himself. is not calibrated properly anymore.  I tried to do one of my ordinary treadmill workouts, and felt miserable the entire time.  My heart rate was WELL over 180 when I was running at a pace that should have felt comfortable.  My watch accelerometer was registering a lot more mileage than the treadmill (like 15% more).  I could barely stay on the damn thing!

I chalked it up to continued problems with recovering from my race, and felt a little frustrated that I was struggling so much.  Then!  My husband did a treadmill run and had the same experience.  We did a basic test,  measuring the belt and timing revolutions with a stopwatch, and used algebra to determine the calibration needs to be fixed.  Did you know that 1) algebra has real-world applications like this?, and 2) treadmills can come un-calibrated???  So, my attempted recovery run was actually a 50-minute lactate threshold run.

Being at my parents' house means getting to eat ridiculous snacks of ultra-Southern food.  Like this monstrosity. 

Tuesday: 6.2 @ 8:25, around the lake at a municipal park.  I ran with my husband while my parents watched our son.  We haven't been able to run together in almost a year!  This pace was actually my husband's recovery pace, but felt quite challenging for me.  Another faster-than-intended run.  I'd better be getting SO EFFING FAST for my upcoming races!  Oh also, this run was in torrential rain and hard wind gusts, so it made me feel like a badass.

See?  Badass.  Also, I had no idea my arms were looking so jacked.  I'll take it. 

Wednesday: 6 @ 9:00 on the treadmill.  This was actually the Strava "Workout of the Week," called Goal Pace.  Yep, on the same busted treadmill.  I used my watch to set the speed, and I am confident I got it right.  I used a 5k goal pace of 7:15 and a 1-mile goal pace of 6:30.  I went to the chiropractor in the evening, and he fussed at me for having a tight back.  It happens.

Thursday: 7 @ 8:43 on my usual hometown loop, then 2 @ 11:47 with my dog.  I ran the seven miles by feel, and tried to relax and take it slow.  I have been doing run/walk intervals with my dog, but I think she's ready for some longer, slower running.  She is always incredibly excited to start running, and she's able to stay focused for longer (as opposed to stopping to smell and inspect everything along the way). 

Friday: Hour-long vinyasa yoga class, which felt amazing.  An awesome active recovery day with lots of stretching, pumpkin beer, and apple pie.

Saturday: 11 @ 8:28 for the Track Club Saturday morning long run.  I'm getting faster on these runs, and now I am catching up to the group of people who train at an 8:30 pace, so I have more company.  My husband and I also went to a formal brunch for Halloween, which involved about seventeen different varieties of cheese and some champagne day-drinking.  We all took afternoon naps, then did some lightweight trick or treating in the rain.

I think he understood the costume concept this year. 

Sunday: 2 @ 11:21 with my dog, then an hour-long plyometrics class at the gym.  I normally go to spinning on Sundays, but I just felt like I had done a LOT of cardio this week and not enough strength training.  As it turns out, this class got my HR up pretty high, but I feel like it was some good resistance training.  I'll probably go back.

Slight hair changes over the weekend.  This is my natural color, and I'm still fighting urges to change it.  Opinions?

Totals: 40 miles of running, a yoga class, and a plyometrics class.  Next week needs more easy miles.  I'm racing a 10k on Saturday, so I will probably have a lower volume week coming up.

Have a great week!