Workouts - November 23, 2015

This will be a quick post.  I haven't had the greatest fitness week, so I think I'll just summarize and move on.  Everyone has weeks like this, I'm sure.

Monday: 5 @ 9:30 in the park.  The first three miles were with my dog, then I took her home and did another two at 8:30 pace.  My dog is a bit slower so the average pace ended up being pretty mellow.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 8 @ 9:06 on the treadmill, as a little progression.  I hit a milestone by running my 1200th mile for the year!  My track club gives free "1200 Mile Club" jackets to members who accomplish this, so I'm stoked to get one.  I'm a little surprised I pulled it off, considering I took time off in spring.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3 @ 8:33 on the treadmill, just a little shakeout before my Saturday race.

Saturday: 13.1 @ 8:37.  This was the Magnolia Marathon Half, where my official time was 1:52:45.  The race hurt SO BAD and I'm still processing it.  My heart rate data tells me it was my hardest run in over six months.  Last month, I ran a half marathon (the infamously short course one in Chattanooga) at an 8:12 pace.  Just a week ago, I did a 12-mile training run at an 8:21 pace. McMillan predicts my half marathon finish time should be 1:46 ish (based on recent 5k and 10k times).  I have my theories about what happened, and I plan to do a race recap later in the week.  Stay tuned, because it's bound to be a sob story.

Sunday: Rest, a lot of stretching and rehab work, icing, and crying.

Totals:  29.1 miles of running, three rest days.


Dolly said…
I'm not sure what your current goals are, so please take this with a grain of salt. Why didn't you taper for your upcoming half? I also think you jumped back into training quickly after your last half.

I think your fitness and running base is there, I just don't think you had enough recovery time from your last long run...

Also if your still on the fence on the marathon, I say go for it. You have a great base.
Dolly said…
your and you're I do know the difference, but not when I'm typing fast.
Rheagan said…
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Rheagan said…
I have started using the Strava training plans, which are based on McMillan, and when I plugged in the November 21 race, it didn't give me a taper. First time ever using a training plan, and I think I blew it.

There was a lot more going on with the race that I think I'll save for a recap. But the course was very hilly and my pacing was terrible. I agreed to pace my husband for portions of his race (full marathon) and that meant I had a really fast start and blew up. No regrets, though...he won fourth overall in the marathon.

Also, I went into this week knowing I would really need my fitness to be on point, so when I saw the training plan, I was like "no taper? no prob." Dumb.